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Visit to the local primary school in Hechtel (Belgium)

For the second time I was invited by the PE teacher and the head of the local primary school “De Zandkorrel” in Hechtel to teach Chi Ryu Aiki-Jitsu and Okinawa Kobudo. About 250 kids enjoyed a very special PE class and looking at the pictures below it seems they had a lot of fun. During the classes the children experienced that fighting in a secured surrounding according to special rules has nothing to do with brutality but with building up self esteem.

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International flair at the Honbu Dojo

It is not common to have two groups from different dojos visiting the Honbu Dojo. Usually every group has its own spot in the busy time schedule. However, the last two visits have been different. In my last post I  let you know about two groups from Germany visiting the Honbu Dojo.

This time we even added international flair to the visit. A group of Kobudo enthousiasts from Yawara Ryu Magdeburg (Germany) with Sensei Anja and Sensei Csaba Zieglers group from Budapest (Hungary) joined forces.

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Examinations in Okinawa Kobudo

The last weekends have been busy ones. Many students used the opportunity to visit the Honbu Dojo for an intensive seminar. Most of them brought their own students. This gave us some insight in their training at home and how students are educated in Chi Ryu Aiki-Jitsu and Okinawa Kobudo. It is good to see that our teachings spread and the dojo’s start to flourish once more.

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