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Yawara Ryu Magdeburg at the Honbu Dojo

We had the pleasure to have Sensei Anja and her students from Magdeburg here at the Honbu Dojo. From February 1st to 5th the dojo floor was burning! All of the students were so enthusiastic and inspiring during their training sessions. While Shihan Jhonny was busy with some students preparing for the next step in Chi Ryu Aiki-Jitsu Shihan Kathrin had the pleasure to teach Cedric (12 years) in Okinawa Kobudo. This were his first steps into a new style and he obviously liked it a lot. We were able to learn a whole new kata during the week. 

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Okinawa 2015 – Day 1 and 2

We are on Okinawa – once again residing in the meanwhile familiar blue Minshuku near Naha Port.

Day 1: Tuesday, 07th of April:

Having taken a quick shower after the 19 hours journey from Hanover to Naha, we are ready for the obligatory first day Shureido visit. Everyone has a list of items to order to take home to Germany for other dojo members. Our group of 5 people is enough to make the small shop feel crowded and it takes the whole afternoon to arrange everything. Thankfully, we receive our pre-ordered Bo so that we are now prepared for the next 8 days of training.

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