Change on the fly at the Hombo Dojo
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Change on the fly at the Hombo Dojo

Just a day had passed by since the group from Magdeburg left the Dojo that another group came to the Hombo Dojo in Hechtel-Eksel. Thomas Stommel and his students from the Dokan Dojo in Hagen (Germany) was joined by a group of students of Sensei Peter Scholz from Raesfeld (Germany) in order to have a weekend (13 to 14 February 2010) full of intensive
training at the Dojo. Main topic of the lessons was the programme of Okinawa Kobudo. The students broadened their knowledge in the art of Bo, Sai, and Tunkwa. Shihan Bernaschewice gave corrections for their basics and their Kata and Bunkai kata as well.

Sensei Thomas Stommel and a student from his dojo during the Tunkwa session
Tunkwa session
Shihan Bernaschewice correcting a technique
The students from Raesfeld with Tunkwa
The students straining their ears for the information given by Shihan Bernaschewice
Sensei Maura Schnappauf with Tunkwa
Sensei Maura Schnappauf during a Bunkai kata
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