Chi Ryu Seminar Poronin
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Chi Ryu Seminar Poronin

Poronin (Poland) hosted Budoka of the Chi Ryu school for the second time. The last time, in 2011, the reason for training together was to celebrate the 10th anniversary of Honshitsu Dojo. For that occasion the highlanders organized International Seminar with Shihan J. Bernaschewice.

On the 1st and 2nd of April of 2017 we met in larger group again. Our goal was to practice the three disciplines of our school: Aiki Jitsu, Kobudo and Iaido. The event was concluded with a competition based on kata we had practiced during the trainings. Clubs from four cities answered the invitation of Honshitsu Dojo (Sports Club of Podhale). They were: Oświęcim, Chorzów, Katowice and Łódź. We are happy so many of us could meet and practice together. We also agreed that the next common training session and Chi Ryu Cup of Poland (2018) will be organized by Shihan J. Góra and his students from Oświęcim. We hope that this event will stay in the annual calendar of Chi Ryu in Poland.

Rafał Tokarczyk
Kancho Dojo Honshitsu

Below are only some of the pictures taken during the weekend. More can be find on the website of the Dojo Honshitsu in Podhale.


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