Impressions of the Instructor Seminar 2016
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Impressions of the Instructor Seminar 2016

Here are some impressions of this year’s edition of the Instructor Seminar.

We worked on two different topics. Our morning sessions were conducted by Shihan Jhonny Bernaschewice. He taught Suwari Waza Kata with Wakizashi. We worked until our knees were hurting so badly that we barely could walk. The afternoon session was conducted by our Okinawan Guest teacher Yamashiro Kenichi Sensei. He taught Okinawa Kobudo and put an emphasis on Tunkwa, Sai and Tinbe.

Due to the wonderful weather we also used the Sand dunes of Hechtel for a training session. Man, it was hot! Fun was secured when Shihan Jhonny started to “arrange” photo sessions.

Sensei Sven was responsible for our Tameshigiri Session during the last day of the seminar. It was an extraordinary experience for everyone!

At the end of the seminar the Instructors of the Federation where presented with their Instructor Certificates for Chi Ryu Aiki-Jitsu, Okinawa Kobudo and Iaido.

Thank you to everyone for making this seminar possible and for the wonderful atmosphere during those 4 days!


Link to the gallery with tons of pictures

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