Okinawa 2015 – Day 7 and 8
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Okinawa 2015 – Day 7 and 8

Day 7: Monday, 13th of April:

The schedule of the previous days was mainly build around Yamashiro Sensei’s working hours. Today, he has a whole day off and we are going to spend the whole day in his dojo. On the programme is the second new Kata of the week: Sai Ichi.
Another highlight is our visit to the Matayoshi Grave. We have a small ceremony there in which the first three Matayoshi Katas are performed: Shushi No Kun by Shihan Jhonny, Ni Chi Sai ba Shihan Peter and Tunkwa Dai Ichi by Thorsten Sensei.
In the afternoon, we shortly visit the beach before Anne takes her Shodan exam. In the end it is a really packed day full of different activities.

Culinary Highlight of the Day: See Weed Salad, surprisingly not tasting of fish or sea at all. Despite this fact and Nakayama San advertising its healthiness and high vitamin content, it does not become popular at our table.

 DSCN5015 IMG_7000 IMG_7147 P1090496 P1090498 


Day 8: Tuesday, 14th of April:

The Budokan is closed and the Kobudo training is scheduled for the evening. So we can use the day to pay a visit to the main historical sight of Naha: Shurijo Castle. Even visiting it for the third time it is still impressive. The weather is sunny and we spend the whole day visiting the castle buildings and strolling through the surrounding park.

Culinary Highlight of the Day: a variety of traditional Ryukyu Kingdom Biscuits , served in an open tea room with a view into the castle gardens.

 P1090743 P1090782 P1090792


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