Seminars during the last two months
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Seminars during the last two months

During the last two months (September and October) several seminars took place. A group from Berlin (Germany) visited the Hombo Dojo. Besides this, Shihan Bernaschewice travelled to Szwitzerland as well as to Quierschied (Germany), Szprotawa (Poland) and Raesfeld (Germany) in order to teach students in the arts for Chi Ryu Aiki-Jitsu and Okinawa Kobudo. We would like to present some pictures from different seminars below. Have fun watching!

Torsten Maag, Shihan Bernaschewice, Eberhard Jordan and Frank Kante from Berlin Germany
at the Hombo Dojo (7-11 September 2009)
Shihan Bernaschewice and his students form Szprotawa and Lesko in Poland during the
seminar there (5-7 October 2009)
Some pictures from the International Budo Seminar in Quierschied (Germany) 26-27 September 2009
(property of Thomas Giese)

Pictures from the seminar in Raesfeld (Germany) 10-11 October 2009
(property of

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