Sportschool Hans Roos successful at examinations
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Sportschool Hans Roos successful at examinations

We had the pleasure to have Hans Roos and his students from Sportschool Hans Roos in Oud Beijerland (The Netherlands) at our dojo. The weekend (7th to 8th July 2012) was dedicated to Okinawa Kobudo. Many aspects of this beautiful martial art were practiced and techniques for the examination on Sunday repeated. Time flew quickly and before we knew Sunday was there and with it examination time. These are the students who took their exams with great success:

Mark Roos (1st Kyu Okinawa Kobudo)

Ron Roos (Shodan Okinawa Kobudo)

Rick Roos (Shodan Okinawa Kobudo)

Simon van Driel (Shodan Okinawa Kobudo)


Congratulations guys, well done and deserved!

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