Time schedule Instructor Seminar 2016
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Time schedule Instructor Seminar 2016

We have prepared the time schedule for all participants of the annual Instructor Seminar 2016.

The seminar will start Thursday at 10.00 a.m. with Shihan Jhonny Bernaschewice’ teaching. During this Instructor Seminar he will focus on Suwari Waza Kata with wakizashi. Please, bring your own wakizashi with you. We only have some spare ones.

Yamashiro Kenichi Sensei will take over the sessions in the afternoon teaching Okinawa Kobudo. Do not forget to bring all of your Kobudo weapons with you!


Last but not least, we wish you all a safe trip to the Honbu Dojo. We are looking forward to seeing you either Wednesday evening or Thursday morning.

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