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Okinawa Kobudo Challenge 2018

Just a few days ago the students of the Honbu Dojo in Hechtel stood up to the challenge given to them by Sensei Kathrin. On 24th March 2018 almost all of the kids answered to the challenge and met at the “Dorpsplein” in Hechtel. Surely, you are asking yourself while reading, what’s that for a challenge? All kids were challenged to perform Jodan Naname Uchi 3000 times. Yeah, right, 3000 times!

And they did it incredibly well! It took us approximately 1 hour and 45 minutes for those 3000 repetitions. For the last 100 reps even the mayor Jan Dalemans and his first alderman Nele Lijnen joined in. They spontaneously took a Bo and supported our kids. All of our students made it through this challenge and did those 3000 repetitions. But see for yourself…

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