Examinations in Chi Ryu, Kobudo and Iaido
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Examinations in Chi Ryu, Kobudo and Iaido

After three days of incredible training it is time to write a little resume about the stay of Shihan Rafal Tokarczyk and Sensei Jozef Gora and their students from Zakopane, Oswiecim and Chorzow.

All of them were pushing their limits with every training session they had. Not only did they work on individual kata techniques or techniques with a partner but collective memory was stressed during all the sessions as well.

After every training day there were examiations. As every day of their stay was devoted to a specific art the examinations went accordingly. All students, with no exceptions, showed incredible examinations on a high quality level. We are very thankful to have new 1st Kyus and  Shodans of that quality in our Federation.

Domo arigato gozaimashita!


Congratulations to

  • Krysztof Sewiollo – 1st Kyu Chi Ryu Aiki-Jitsu and Shodan Okinawa Kobudo
  • Jacek Gorka – Shodan Okinawa Kobudo
  • Katarzyna Swieta – Shodan Okinawa Kobudo
  • Halina Topor – Shodan Okinawa Kobudo
  • Miroslaw Urbanski – Shodan Okinawa Kobudo
  • Jerzy Podsiadlo – Shodan Iaido
  • Jozef Malik – Shodan Iaido
  • Piotr Stepniak – Shodan Iaido


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