Examinations in Okinawa Kobudo
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Examinations in Okinawa Kobudo

The last weekends have been busy ones. Many students used the opportunity to visit the Honbu Dojo for an intensive seminar. Most of them brought their own students. This gave us some insight in their training at home and how students are educated in Chi Ryu Aiki-Jitsu and Okinawa Kobudo. It is good to see that our teachings spread and the dojo’s start to flourish once more. But more than this it is the intrinsic motivation of every single student that matters most. If students really want to learn they dig into the topic to find out for themselves at what level they are and try to improve to the best of their abilities. That’s what makes us smile big time when entering the Honbu Dojo seeing students improve over time on their own level, sometimes even surprising us.

When different dojo’s and clubs join to visit the Honbu Dojo together it gives us a very warm feeling. This was the case when the Karate Dojo Burgdorf e.V. (with Kristin Fietz and Thorsten Albrecht) and the Kampfkunst SV Marhorst (Rosi Lindemann) joined forces and brought us a visit from . During their stay we worked on different levels of Okinawa Kobudo ranging from Hojo undo to Kata as well as its application in Bunkai.

Congratulation to those of the group who were examined in Okinawa Kobudo and to the Sensei’s as well.

Karin Schneider (5th Kyu Okinawa Kobudo)

Katalin Simon (4th Kyu Okinawa Kobudo)

Maren Mönkemeyer (4th Kyu Okinawa Kobudo)

Rudi Schwalda (4th Kyu Okinawa Kobudo)

Kilian Schütte (Shodan Okinawa Kobudo)

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