Instructor Seminar 2014
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Instructor Seminar 2014

Shihan Ebbe Kristensen from Odense, Denmark, led this year’s instructor seminar of the Federation Geido Tao Chi Kihon at the Hombo Dojo in Hechtel, Belgium. His topic was EBO-NO-KATA and NE-WAZA-Kata, how to use the katas and the meaning of them, and how we could implement them and the flower model in Chi Ryu Aiki-Jitsu.

The seminar started on Thursday May 29th 2014 with an introduction about the people who created the katas, Mario Den Edel and Wim Boesman. With both Katas being self-defense katas, the ebo-no-kata consists of standing attacks (in total 20, of which 3 are performed with a knife and 2 with a hanbo.) and the Ne-waza-kata is performed on the ground by either being pushed or kicked down or being strangled. After Shihan Ebbe’s one hour short talk we had a warm up with JJIF-fighting. We then moved on with the first technique from the Ebo-no-kata. During the training on Thursday we got through the first ten Techniques from the kata and had the opportunity to study them thoroughly.

On Friday the Ebo-no-kata was shown with reference to the duo-games and their rules. Another topic that day was the flower model (a training idea where for instance one attack is shown with up to five different endings or one ending with five different attacks.) These training principles were then adapted to the Chi Ryu system and its techniques. Just before the training session was finished Shihan Jhonny entered the Dojo in in ceremonial clothes in order to appoint Hans-Jürgen Pech from Germany and Jozef Gora from Poland as Shihan. It was a very emotional ceremony for both of them.


Saturday Shihan Ebbe introduced the Ne Waza Kata to all participants. The training was intense and sweat ran with litres.


Later that day it was Shihan Ebbe who had to persuade Shihan Jhonny to lead an outdoor training session in nearby Peer. Even though Shihan Jhonny had a lot of excuses not to participate in that outdoor session, Ebbe managed to bring him to Peer. This was, of course, just an excuse for the big surprise organized by Shihan Jhonny’s wife Kathrin. When Ebbe And Jhonny arrived in Peer Jhonny was wearing an outfit that wouldn’t go well at a party. Jhonny’s first Sensei’s (like Jan Jurka Sensei, Dirk Heene Sensei etc.), his former training partners, and associates from today as well as most of the Shihans from the Chi Ryu family gathered to celebrate Jhonny’s 50th anniversary in martial arts.

Both Kathrin, Jhonny’s wife, and Roger Vangeneugden, a friend from the very beginning, had put a great deal of work into the organization of this evening by gathering around 70 people that had touched Jhonny somehow during his way in the martial arts. By the look on Jhonny’s face one could see, that he was truely happy. It was hopefully an evening for Jhonny to look back to with joy.


Sunday we only had 1 ½ hour of training, where we tried to do two different types of randori. For the first type one person would stand in the middle of a circle with 4-5 attackers facing him/her. First the attacks were free of choice. Later the participants had to use the techniques from 6th Kyu program Chi Ryu randomly. For the second type of randori the defender was facing a line of attackers in front of him/her and behind. They had to draw a card with an attack written on it and the ”referee” pointed on the attacker.


I must say throughout the 4 days of intense training all of the participants got a new insight on how to apply kata to their everyday training routine, and, most of all, everyone attending had lots of fun during the session. From my own point of view, as a student of Shihan Ebbe, it was a great feeling to get the acknowledgement from other Shihans on the work Thomas and I put in the seminar. A very recommendable seminar.


Ronnie Mølgaard – Odense (Denmark)


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