Kobudo examinations
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Kobudo examinations

During the weekend (June 28th to June 29th 2014) we had a group of Kobudo students from Marhorst (Germany) at our dojo. Sensei Rosi Lindemann and three of her students came to work on their Kobudo program. During the weekend Shihan Kathrin Siggelkow gave the opportunity not only to work on the three basic weapons (Bo, Sai, Tunkwa) but also to experience some exercises with the Eku and the Nunchaku. All students worked very hard on the detailed explanations given by Shihan Kathrin.

On Saturday, June 28th 20014 Kilian Schütte and Farina Jeremias passed their examinations for 1st Kyu Okinawa Kobudo. Congratulations with the results shown during the examinations!

Shihan Kathrin

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