Kobudo with students from Switzerland
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Kobudo with students from Switzerland

For the second time this year our students from Goshindokan Liestal (Switzerland) visited the Hombo Dojo to study Okinawa Kobudo. During the weekend Shihan Elidio Moraglia, Renshi Willi Zimmermann, Sensei Regula Ganz, Sensei Sabine Ott and Sensei Simon Mueller presented their results of 4 months of self study at their own dojo in Liestal.

The results were speaking for themselves as Shihan Kathrin Siggelkow could take the training a step further. All of them received new detailed techniques for the Bo, Sai and Tunkwa. During the whole weekend the dojo was filled with a very positive atmosphere in which the training hours flew by like crazy. On Saturday Shihan Jhonny Bernaschewice joined the session to give some extra training advice to all of them. Especially the methodical diversity of Shihan Bernaschewice’ advice impressed all of them.

The capability of the students to grasp the important points of the techniques was shown in their dedicated training. At points when the head was bursting with information they even took it a step further. Thank you for this wonderful weekend!

We are very much looking forward to the next meeting as all of them are preparing for their Shodan examination in Okinawa Kobudo.


Shihan Kathrin

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