New certified Instructor Kobudo in The Netherlands
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New certified Instructor Kobudo in The Netherlands

We had the pleasure to have Kancho Hans Roos from Budo Hans Roos (Oud Beijerland – The Netherlands) and his students at the Hombo Dojo. The weekend 24th/25th August 2013 was dedicated to Matayoshi Kobudo. A set of different weapons (Bo, Sai, Tunkwa, Nunchaku) were the basis for the training. All students put a lot of effort in their training and the atmosphere at the dojo could not have been better. During the weekend Kancho Hans Roos nominated Sensei Simon Van Driel as “Instructor Kobudo” for The Netherlands. This request was gladly met as Simon studies the art alongside Hans Roos at their dojo in Oud Beijerland for many years. Congratulations!

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