Okinawa 2015 – Day 9
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Okinawa 2015 – Day 9

Day 9: Wednesday, 15th of April:

All of a sudden, the last day has arrived. We spend it at Yamashiro Sensei’s Dojo, again joined by Nakamura San. The sunny weather is perfect for a training with photo and video taking at the beach. The area of Itoman has wonderful beaches with lots of corals and hermit crabs to watch. The rock structures in the shallow water provide a great scenery for our photographs.
After the beach session we end the seminar week with a part farewell, part Shodan celebration party in the dojo. The two tables we have fetched from Yamashiro Sensei’s house are soon overloaded with food and while eating we watch a selection of old videos showing the Matayoshi students performing different Katas.
After this week of training we will take home many nice and heart-warming memories and of course lots of details to train on…

Culinary Highlight of the Day: Deep Fried Dough Balls, the group’s favourite dessert. We had them nearly every day.

IMG_7350 IMG_7398 IMG_7648 IMG_7708 IMG_7874

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