Okinawa 2018
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Okinawa 2018

Our annual training visit to the island of Okinawa took place from 27th March to 5th April 2018. With a group of 4 students (Shihan Peter Scholz, Shihan Sven Gößner, Sensei Jean-Luc Goffinet and Sensei Jan-Marc Pohl) Shihan Jhonny worked intensively in the fields of Okinawa Kobudo and Iaido. Their daily training routine consisted of training sessions in the morning and the afternoon at the Budokan in Naha. They also visited the Karate Kaikan, the new extensive training area in Tomigusuku built by the prefectural government.

As an interesting side note: The Kaikan had been visited just a few days earlier by the Japanese tenno (emperor).

Are you interested in joining the group next year? Contact us via email.

Here are some impressions of the 10 day training trip.



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