Promotions in Hachiman Ryu and amazing Kobudo kids
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Promotions in Hachiman Ryu and amazing Kobudo kids

So much to write and so little time to do so!

We had some amazing last days. Due to many training sessions this post will only be in note form. I am sorry for this!

– went to Naha and visited Heiwadori Market
– got wet through and through due to havy rain
– a lot of Kobudo training with Yamashiro Sensei – happy Kathrin 
– Jhonny got promoted to Sandan Menkyo in Hachiman Ryu by Hamamoto Sensei
– Kathrin got promoted to Shodan Hachiman Ryu by Hamamoto Sensei
– awesome training with Hamamoto Sensei – sore knees and happy faces
– enjoyed sun at Komesu beach, the major surfing spot in Itoman
– watched a kids training session at Yamashiro Sensei’s dojo

The last part is worth some more words. The kids training was held partially by Yamashiro Sensei’s son and Sensei himself. The kids started with Kata training for Shushi no Kun before switching to Hojo Undo. The did Jodan Naname Uchi 400 (yes, you are right FOURHUNDRED!!!) times to gain some flexibility in their wrists. Try this at home! Then some of them presented Katas especially for us. And all of a sudden it was my turn. Yamashiro Sensei asked me to show what I had learned during our stay. Man, I was nervous! But I made it through all new Katas and Bunkai sequences. A smile on Sensei’s face told me that he was quite satisfied with what I had showed. This was worth a deep breath. Jhonny san showed in turn some techniques from our Chi Ryu programme and made every student watch in astonishment.
Our perfect day ended with some sweets for the kids and a lot happy faces.

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