Successful Instructor Seminar 2012
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Successful Instructor Seminar 2012


Please, read the report about the seminar from Sensei Jerzy Podsiadlo:

On 17-20 May 2012 at Hombu Dojo annual instructor seminar took place.
This time the subject was TANTO – “The Way Of The Knife In Chi Ryu Aiki Ju-Jitsu”. Seminar was lead by Shihan Dirk Mazet from Germany. The meeting brought together teams from Germany, Belgium, Hungary and Poland. From the first training, Shihan Dirk sharply went to work, presenting the Filipino idea of knife fighting. It was a base – Kihon with which we worked throughout the whole training, gradually expanding and modifying it for the needs of Chi Ryu techniques. By training with partner, participants reflected on the reality and effectiveness of various techniques, in situation of defense against a knife. Furthermore we modified the techniques, inventing combinations to increase chances in this kind of combat. Every day there were also lectures and discussions on the real aspects of this issue. Shihan Dirk in a very interesting way presented statistics and results of research and analysis on attacks with this weapon. Each of the participants shared their thoughts and ideas about self-defense against a knife. Thanks to that everyone could better understand the danger arising from the use of such weapon, as well as the difficulty of defending against it.
Great thanks to Shihan Dirk for the preparation of courses, excellent presentation and teaching methodology.

Every day at the end of training the students had also the possibility of work with Shihan Bernaschewice on the Chi Ryu program, with focus on the 2 DAN degre requirements. These classes have helped many people to understand and get to know the complexity of techniques, before exams at this level.

On the last day of the seminar, at the end of training, Shihan Rafał Tokarczyk was asked to present the results of his work, to which the idea came during last year’s meeting of instructors. It was a demonstration of two groups of techniques in the form of NAGENO KATA, closing throws in Chi Ryu – SUTEMI WAZA and AIKI NAGE. The presentation was met with great acclaim by Shihan Bernaschewice and participants. Unfortunately, due to the late hour there was no time to present the fruit of Shihan Rafał’s another work, which was his task after last year’s nomination for the title he has. The subject was self-defense using a belt. Shihan Rafał prepared samples of this work, to be given for each of Chi Ryu Shihans, probably at the next meeting theree will be discussion on this topic.

Unfortunately, all good things come to an end. On Sunday afternoon, after cleaning the dojo and packing up, there was some time to say goodbye. New friendships and contacts have been formed, in many cases they will certainly contribute to tightening the links between clubs and further development of our school. May the next seminars and meetings will be as fruitful and interesting as this one. Many thanks to Shihan Jhonny and Shihan Kathrin for their hospitality, openness and friendliness, to Shihan Dirk for organizing the seminar, and to all participants for a great atmosphere and the possibility of joint training.

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