Trip to Okinawa 2013
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Trip to Okinawa 2013

Okinawa is calling and 10 students of our Federation answered the call. Being the birthplace of ancient martial arts, it is the goal for every student to train there. This year’s daily schedule is packed with teachings in 3 different styles. In the morning the students will attend lessons in both Chi Ryu Aiki-Jitsu  (led by Shihan Jhonny Bernaschewice)  and Okinawa Kobudo (led by Sensei Jyosei Yogi). The afternoon will be filled with the study of Koden Hachiman Ryu Batto Jitsu lead by Sensei Hisao Hamamoto.

In the days to come Sensei Soraya Valleret from Lausanne, Switzerland, will submit a report of the daily activities in Naha and we will present it here. If you are interested in participating in future trips, this is your source of information on how it could look like to stay there for 10 days. Stop by every day and have a look at the different reports. Discover your Okinawa!


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