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First Tameshigiri Seminar at the Hombo Dojo

This is the first Tameshigiri seminar held at the Hombo Dojo. Shihan Jhonny Bernaschewice will guide you through your experience of cutting bamboo mats. The seminar is open for anyone interested. Please, bring your own Shinken if possible!   Date: 21st March, 2015 Time: 14:00 - 16:00 Enrolment: via

First day of training

Impressions from our first day of training with Yamashiro Sensei. We worked on Sai Kihon and Kata as well as on the Hakaku Kata.

Yamashiro Kenichi Sensei in Belgium

After a long and exhausting flight Yamashiro Sensei and Nakayama San are finally in Belgium. They arrived this morning in Amsterdam. Shihan Jhonny picked them up and took them to Hechtel where they enjoyed a nice breakfast with the Bernaschewice family. They are now relaxing

Shihan Dirk Mazet and his students at the Hombo Dojo

This is what makes a good stay at the Hombo Dojo - self study, self study, self study. A training usually follows the instruction of a Sensei. This week was different. All of Shihan Mazet's students showed what martial arts is all about - overcoming

Soji – cleaning of the dojo

The Hombo Dojo has been "overhauled" during the last few months. It now comes shiny, tidy and practice friendly. Keeping it that way is not only part of the everyday training ritual but also part of the training ritual of visiting groups. Therefore we have

Zhong Ryu Lobstädt at the Hombo Dojo

Every year in October Shihan Hans-Jürgen Pech and his students from Bushido Zhong Ryu Lobstädt (Germany) visit the Hombo Dojo to strengthen their fundaments in Chi Ryu Aiki-Jitsu. This year a lot of attention was payed to the Tachi Waza version of the Suwari Waza techniques

Schedule for the new season

The new season is coming! The training sessions at the Hombo Dojo will start at September 16th, 2014. We have made some changes to the schedule to serve the needs of the students. Brand new is our Tuesday session with Matayoshi Kobudo for the youth

Matayoshi Kobudo Seminar with Yamashiro Kenichi Sensei

We bring Okinawa to Belgium! After a lot of preparations we are finally there: Yamashiro Kenichi Sensei (Komesu Yamashiro Dojo, Okinawa, Japan) will be teaching at the Hombo Dojo. Experience Matayoshi Kobudo with a direct student of Matayoshi Shinpo and senior of the Kodokan. From December 27th

Kobudo with students from Switzerland

For the second time this year our students from Goshindokan Liestal (Switzerland) visited the Hombo Dojo to study Okinawa Kobudo. During the weekend Shihan Elidio Moraglia, Renshi Willi Zimmermann, Sensei Regula Ganz, Sensei Sabine Ott and Sensei Simon Mueller presented their results of 4 months