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Kobudo examinations

During the weekend (June 28th to June 29th 2014) we had a group of Kobudo students from Marhorst (Germany) at our dojo. Sensei Rosi Lindemann and three of her students came to work on their Kobudo program. During the weekend Shihan Kathrin Siggelkow gave the opportunity not

Instructor Seminar 2014

Shihan Ebbe Kristensen from Odense, Denmark, led this year’s instructor seminar of the Federation Geido Tao Chi Kihon at the Hombo Dojo in Hechtel, Belgium. His topic was EBO-NO-KATA and NE-WAZA-Kata, how to use the katas and the meaning of them, and how we could

Shihan Ceremony at the Hombo Dojo

It is always something special when Shihan Jhonny Bernaschewice puts on his ceremonial cloths and enters the Hombo Dojo. At those moments the atmosphere suddenley changes, each and everyone is very moved and a humbling sphere spreads through the whole dojo. This time it was even

Examinations in Chi Ryu, Kobudo and Iaido

After three days of incredible training it is time to write a little resume about the stay of Shihan Rafal Tokarczyk and Sensei Jozef Gora and their students from Zakopane, Oswiecim and Chorzow. All of them were pushing their limits with every training session they had.

Iaido with students from Poland

[fb_embed_post href="" width="500"/] [fb_embed_post href="" width="500"/]   [fb_embed_post href="" width="500"/]   Read more about the second day of the stay here!  

Students from Zakopane, Oswiecim and Chorzow (Poland) enjoying Okinawa Kobudo

[fb_embed_post href="" width="500"/]   [fb_embed_post href="" width="500"/]   [fb_embed_post href="" width="500"/]   [fb_embed_post href="" width="500"/]   Read more about the first of three training days at the Official Website of Polish Instructors by clicking here!  

Kids classes

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