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Report from Okinawa #8

Today we received news from Okinawa. Yannick portrayed the day of the group as follows: At 10 a.m. their Kobudo training started with Sensei Gakiya. After the warm up they continued with todays topic, the sai. Having practiced the basic techniques Sensei Gakiya taught them

Report from Okinawa #7

Easter Sunday on OkinawaOur group kept on training in Naha when everyone here in Europe was searching for eggs and easter bunnies. At 10 a.m. the training in the Budokan started under supervision from Sensei Yogi. Todays topics were different Katas (Ni Cho Sai, Syushi

Report from Okinawa #6

Entrance of the BudokanEven at Easter Friday our students kept training on Okinawa!Yannick, our reporter from Naha ;-) , wrote some news today

Report from Okinawa #3

At 2 pm (local time Okinawa 10 pm) a short information came from Yannick Schultze who is at Okinawa with our group. He wrote that after having managed the immigration formalities at the airport the group went to their Minshuku. In order to organize neccessary

Report from Okinawa #2

This night at 1.30 am Yannick Schultze, one of the students travelling with Shihan Jhonny Bernaschewice to Okinawa (picture), wrote a short note from Taipeh. All of them were well after the first long flight from Frankfurt to Taipeh. They were waiting for their plane

Report from Okinawa #1

(source: a group of 17 people started their trip to Okinawa, the birthplace of ancient martial arts, in order to train Okinawa Kobudo under supervision of Sensei Yoshiaki Gakiya and Sensei Jogi. At 11.20 am Shihan Bernaschewice and the rest of them departed from

Chi Ryu Aiki-Jitsu seminar in Magdeburg (Germany)

Magdeburg (Germany) was the location of the seminar this weekend. Shihan Jhonny Bernaschewice went there by invitation of Shihan Andreas Baron who runs his school there. Approximately 30 adults and 22 children from different parts of Germany (Berlin, Wismar, Leipzig, Magdeburg and Stade) came to